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Hey, this is really important.


Your health and safety, and that of the River's Edge crew, is a top priority.


That means whether you're enjoying a lazy float down the river, on a multi-day paddle in the Turtle Flambeau Scenic Waters Area, or cruising the bike trails, safe and responsible practices are critical. Observing the simple guidelines and regulations set in place by our company, our partners at the DNR, and state or national laws, will help keep you safe and ensure that our wonderful Northwoods is taken care of as well. But it's not enough to know the guidelines, you actually have to do the things.


That focus on safety also means that we take health and sanitation very seriously. All facilities and equipment are cleaned and sanitized following CDC guidelines and using EPA-approved cleaning products. That means paddles, boats, bike seats, brake levers, PFDs, stoves, sleeping pads, cups, pots, pans, sporks, and yes, even marshmallow sticks, all get a thorough cleaning before they can return to service. Not only is this critical in times of sickness outbreaks, but in general we really just want to be clean. No one likes a dirty boat or filthy bike.

We've adopted practices outlined in the WI Guidance for Outdoor Recreation Businesses.

Below are some important expectations to understand about safe and responsible behavior. I know it's a long read, but seriously, it's important to us so it should be important to you.

Specific to pandemics and epidemics:

  • Staying six feet apart actually works. Be aware please.

  • When possible we will transact business outside, which is where we all want to be anyway, which is why you're here to rent gear in the first place.

  • Along those lines, required documentation like the liability waiver can be completed from your personal device. We will also have it available to be completed in paper or from an iPad if you don't have a personal device.

  • There's plenty of room in the main lodge to space out physically, so don't bum-rush the front desk or any of our crew helping customers outside. If you're inclined to space out mentally, by all means, settle into a leather couch and go for it.

  • Payments using the touch-less scanner thing with your mobile device are good (think Apple Pay). We also take cards the old fashioned way with a swipe or chip. Signing on the iPad register is OK. Stuff gets wiped down with disinfectant after each use. Nothing personal, we just want to be safe. And yes, we will take cash (although have you ever thought about how dirty money really is?).

  • Distanced congregating in family or friend units in the lodge is encouraged, but please be mindful of others' space.

Specific to use of water sports equipment:

  • Be aware at all times. That means other boaters, natural obstacles, weather changes, wildlife, etc., and know how to get help if needed.

  • Use your PFD. Lo and behold, it can save your life.

  • Be prepared for changing weather conditions. Wind and changing temperatures can affect your experience. We will counsel you about potential barriers to fun, however, with few exceptions the decision to go is yours.

  • We will absolutely coordinate a recovery or rescue in case of an emergency. Otherwise, we'll see you at the take-out.

  • Standing up in a canoe or kayak while it's in motion is dangerous. Don't do it.

  • Paddles are long and can inflict damage when not being used properly. No, reenacting a famous light saber duel with your canoe paddles is not appropriate.

  • Ramming boats into other boats or other objects damages the boat and can cause harm to the humans.

  • Paddle in control at all times.

  • Be sure you're not overloading your craft. Pay attention to the weight rating posted on every canoe and kayak.

  • Clean the boat if you're going from one body of water to another. Follow these simple steps from DNR that can make a big difference.

Specific to use of bikes:

  • Be aware at all times. That means other cyclists, pedestrians, wildlife, cars and motorized vehicles, changing weather conditions, obstacles, and how your bike is operating.

  • Ride in control at all times.

  • Be respectful of pedestrians. They have right of way every time. Our bikes have a bell. Use it well in advance when approaching pedestrians, call your pass ("Passing on your left!"), slow down, and then safely pass on their left.

  • Wear your helmet. It can save your life, really.

  • Pay attention to your route, elapsed time, and know how to get help if you need it.

  • Electric assist bikes are fast, but only as fast as you make them go. You're still the rider, and in control.

  • Before taking off on your ride, do a quick visual check of the bike and let one of the River's Edge Crew know if something is amiss.

Thanks for doing your part to help make adventuring safe for yourself and others!

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