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Identity Crisis? Nah, just knowing ourselves better.

Updated: Apr 19, 2023

After three years as River's Edge Lodge and Outfitters, we're transitioning our name to more accurately reflect who we really are. Sure the lodge is where we meet, and outfitting is what we do. But our identity? Our identity is 100% adventure, and River's Edge is definitely an adventure company.

It might seem a minor thing, but to us it's kind of an existential moment. Like when you figure out, after 50 years on the planet, that the yellow French's mustard bottle cap has a snap lock built in to keep it open while you use it. Life changing. So to make sure we remain focused on why we do what we do, and not just what we do, it's important that our name reflect that.

River's Edge Adventure Company is About Experience

One thing we hear loud and clear is that people want an experience. That's super important to us, and it's why we talk so much with customers and ask lots of questions. We want to know what kind of experience you're hoping to have. We want to know what your background is as a wilderness paddler so we can put you on the most enjoyable route. We want to know how long you're used to riding a bike so we can pick the right saddle for you. We want to set expectations accurately so there's as few surprises as possible. Anyone can rent you a canoe or a bike. We want you to experience the sense of adventure that we hold so dear ourselves.

So join us in celebrating our new identity and the continuation of a grand tradition of adventure in the Northwoods.

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