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We are all made of stories. They tell of our adventures, share our memories, and give a glimpse into who we really are, as defined by our actions. Read some stories here, and share your own.

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WOW - this is FUN!

Dennis, Manitowish Waters, WI

My wife and I had the opportunity to ride the Giant eBikes and found it an exhilarating experience. We had never been on a eBike before but quickly adjusted and really enjoyed the assist as it enabled much longer rides. We took a ride from Manitowish Waters to Boulder Junction which was a bit of a chore using our regular bikes but with the eBike the hills and occasional wind didn't bother us at all. Was also nice to be able kick the bikes into the highest level of assist when we were forced to get on the road - felt great to be able to quickly get back on the trail and gear down to enjoy the scenery. The other trip that was great was just to go do a bank deposit. Ordinarily I might have been tempted to jump in the car but with the eBike it was easy and almost as fast to leave the car at home. Needless to say, we now appreciate the option of eBikes! Thanks for your friendly help and assistance with this new experience.

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